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RaceChip are global market leaders in ‘plug & play’ engine tuning technology, providing around 20-30% more power and a noticeably more intense and responsive driving experience from their range of chip tuning modules. Three models are available depending upon your performance requirements, each providing faster acceleration, improved throttle response and authoritative mid-range torque. Whilst the power output increases, the fuel consumption decreases so unlike many other tuning modules on the market, with RaceChip you don’t have to sacrifice economy for performance.

These high quality German engineered tuning modules are manufactured to an extremely high specification and they are available for the majority of modern diesel and turbocharged petrol engines. The modules are TUV approved and designed to be completely safe for your vehicle and the engine’s mechanical components, hence the comprehensive warranty that is included.

RaceChip Response Control

Although it is important to performance orientated driving, engine power and torque isn’t everything. How you harness and deliver the performance can be equally as important. That’s why RaceChip – leaders in chip tuning technology – developed the Response Control unit, allowing you to perfectly adjust the characteristics of your engine’s output with six different performance settings. These settings range from fuel efficient green machine to racy sports car, all at the press of a dash mounted button.

This clever little electronic device is connected in the circuit between your accelerator and accelerator sensor. The output signals are then either increased or decreased depending upon your chosen driving style. In simple terms, the signals generated by the Response Control unit determine how quickly your engine reacts to your right foot on the accelerator pedal. There are two ‘ECO’ settings if you wish to drive sedately and save fuel and a further four incrementally configured sports settings for quicker acceleration and response times. The Response Control unit is basically an aftermarket version of the ‘sport mode’ configurator on your car but with more customisation options at the driver’s disposal and it is currently available for all vehicles with an electronic accelerator.

Response Control Fuel Economy

Improved Fuel Economy

Response Control incorporates two ‘ECO’ settings that will help you to save fuel by slightly delaying your acceleration inputs and providing more control of the throttle throughout the rev range. It also facilitates a smoother, more progressive driving style, especially in heavy ‘stop start’ traffic situations or whilst cruising on the motorway.

RaceChip Response Control & Tuning Module

Increased Performance 

Although Response Control works perfectly well on it’s own, combine it with a RaceChip tuning module and you have the best of both worlds… maximum efficiency when required and the best possible performance from a ‘plug & play’ tuning solution. So much so, we are confident when we say that you will discover a completely new (and exciting) driving experience. With considerably more power and torque at your disposal and the ability to control it more precisely with your right foot, you will be inspired to drive confidently and enjoy your car’s performance like never before.

Please specify exact vehicle make, model, model year & engine variant when ordering.

Installation service also available on this product – please call for pricing.

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