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RaceChip are global market leaders in ‘plug & play’ engine tuning technology, providing around 20-30% more power and a noticeably more intense and responsive driving experience from their range of chip tuning modules. Three models are available depending upon your performance requirements, each providing faster acceleration, improved throttle response and authoritative mid-range torque. Whilst the power output increases, the fuel consumption decreases so unlike many other tuning modules on the market, with RaceChip you don’t have to sacrifice economy for performance.

These high quality German engineered tuning modules are manufactured to an extremely high specification and they are available for the majority of modern diesel and turbocharged petrol engines. The modules are TUV approved and designed to be completely safe for your vehicle and the engine’s mechanical components, hence the comprehensive warranty that is included.

RaceChip Ultimate

If you are looking for the very best plug & play tuning module that money can buy, then look no further… introducing the RaceChip Ultimate. This top-of-the-range tuning module offers maximum acceleration, mid-range torque and overall responsiveness for your vehicle, without compromise. The integrated hi-tech processor is perfectly tuned to the demands of modern engines, using the very latest hardware components and tuning software, the Ultimate offers a unique, one-of-a-kind driving experience that cannot be found in lesser tuning modules. The Ultimate manages to extract optimum performance from both diesel and turbo petrol engines whilst ensuring that both mechanical and power train components remain well within the manufacturer’s specified tolerances. No matter whether you are driving along country roads, accelerating away from the lights, overtaking in traffic or cruising on the motorway, the combination of high performance characteristics and safety constraints of the RaceChip Ultimate simply cannot be beaten. More smiles per mile, guaranteed!

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Ultimate Connectivity – A Revolution In Chip Tuning

Ultimate Connect offers a completely new experience within the chip tuning industry. Our innovative smartphone app allows the driver to take full control of his RaceChip Ultimate tuning module and select between the various performance optimisation modes from within the vehicle itself via bluetooth connectivity.

Features include:

  • 3 individual performance modes fine tuned to your engine – Efficiency   |   Sport   |   Race
  • Automatic software updates
  • Individual vehicle profile
  • Warm-up timer to protect engine
  • Fully customisable performance modes available to download
  • Integrated service functions
  • Comprehensive Support

* App available for both Apple & Android smartphones. Ultimate Connect is a £50 upgrade option and may be specified during checkout – not compatible with all vehicle makes and models – please call 01772 437060 to check availability.

RaceChip Ultimate Connect App

Read more about RaceChip Ultimate Connect

RaceChip Ultimate Engine Warranty

Comprehensive Warranty

A comprehensive 5 year product warranty is included with every Ultimate tuning module as well as a unique 2 year engine warranty which covers all major engine and powertrain components – now that’s what you call confidence!


  • +30% More Power & Torque
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Easy Installation & Removal (comprehensive step-by-step instructions included)
  • 5 Year Product Warranty
  • 2 Year Engine Warranty (Included)
  • Heat Resistant, Slim Design Fibreglass Housing With Nano-Coating Technology
  • High Quality Automotive FCI Connector
  • Modern Hardware Components
  • Made In Germany
  • Control Via Smartphone (Not Available For All Vehicles)

RaceChip Engine Protect System Plus

Engine Protect System Plus

The optimised software in the Ultimate ensures that this plug & play tuning module works safely within the parameters of your engine and the manufacturer’s specified tolerances. In simple terms, when the engine revs approach the red line (max RPM), the tuning module safely cuts out so that the engine returns to ‘stock’ operating conditions. When the revs drop, the tuning module is awakened ready to do it’s job again. The sophisticated integrated parameters are consistently compared with the engine’s pre-determined operating limits to ensure that they are never exceeded. This EPS+ system is only one of a handful of protection circuits that have been engineered into the device, thus making it one of the highest specification yet safest chip boxes on the market.

Technical Data

RaceChip Ultimate Dyno Chart Example

For exact performance gains for your vehicle, please call 01772 437060 or send us an email.

Software: Latest version vehicle specific optimisation software, Performance parameters can be set manually or controlled via smartphone app*, Engine Protect System

Hardware: 48Mhz processor, Professional auto safety connector, PCB with nano water protection, Heat-resistant

Dimensions: 11.5(L) x 10.0(W) x 4.0(H) cm

* Representative example using the performance data of a BMW 730D engine measured on the test bench.

To enhance your driving experience even further, why not add the RaceChip Response Control Module.

Please specify exact vehicle make, model, model year & engine variant when ordering.

Installation service also available on this product – please call for pricing.

Watch The Ultimate Comparison Video:

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Additional information

Connect Option

With Connect Smartphone Upgrade, Without Connect Smartphone Upgrade


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